Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering

Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering is the third programme offered in School of Materials Engineering, UniMAP. This programme is designed to produce graduates who have good understanding and fundamental knowledge of metallurgy, which include the methods of metal productions, process and the behaviors of metals.

This programme has an advantage compared to those offered at other universities in that UniMAP practices the lab-intensive mode of delivery. Students are required to earn knowledge and skills through labs work and activities. The syllabus cover a range of relevant courses including metals extractive technology, machining of metals, metals testing process, powder metallurgy, heat treatment and metals protection. In the three-year duration, basic principles and practical skill of soldering and welding are also disseminated. In addition, students are given the opportunity to enhance their soft skills in the areas of entrepreneurship, communication, information technology and management.

Graduates of the programme have excellent prospect for employment by wide range of employers. They can serve in materials production and fabrication (metal & alloy industries, and electronic packaging), automotive industries, manufacturing, quality control, technical sales and marketing, technical support, as well as service and maintenance.