Materials Engineering, Metallurgy and Polymer Engineering are related to structure and properties of materials and that have engineering applications. Materials Engineer, metallurgist and polymer engineer are responsible for designing, producing, inspecting and testing materials such as metal and its alloys, semiconductors, superconductors, ceramics, polymers, plastics and composites. All three programs emphasize learning and practical courses offered.

Materials Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Polymer Engineering are responsible for the research, specification, design and development of materials to advance technologies of many kinds. Their expertise lies in understanding the properties and behaviours of different substances, from raw materials to finished products.

The next generation of technologies will require advancement in materials engineering to meet the challenges of the 21st century. In accordance with the requirements industrial and Vision 2020, a high need for professionals in Materials Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Polymer Engineering is required in various industries. Thus, these programs aim to produce qualified human resources that have strong knowledge and experts in the field of Materials Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering and Polymer Engineering for a sustainable future.