Equipment Application Forms

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External users, please click the link below to download form :

[AF] Authorization Form Using Laboratory / Testing Tool in Laboratory / Workshop: External Student and Researcher

Internal users, please click any link below to download form :

[BET] Brunauer Emment and Teller

[BIM] Brabender Internal Mixer

[CR] Capillary Rheometer

[CCF] Chemical Collection Form

[DMA] Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

[DSC] Differential Scanning Calorimetry

[FESEM] Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy

[FTIR] Fourier Transform Infra Red

[Furnace l] Furnace (Tube Furnace/Chamber Furnace) and Oven

[Furnace ll] Heat-Treated Sample Record (Tube Furnace/Chamber Furnace) and Oven

[HR] Huangta Rheometer

[ME] Metallurgical Extractive (planetary ball mill/ ringmill/ siever)

[MHV] Micro Hardness Vickers

[MIA] Microscope Image Analyzer

[MV] Mooney Viscometer

[OES] Optical Image Spectometry 

[PBM] Planetary Ball Mill

[PDA] Pycnometer Density Analyzer

[PSA] Particle Size Analyzer  (out of service) 

[SEM] Scanning Electron Microscopy

[TGA] Thermogravimetric Analyzer  (out of service) 

[UTM] Universal Tensile Machine

[INSTRON] Universal Tensile Machine Instron

[XRD] X-Ray Diffractometer 

[XRF] X-Ray Fluorescent (out of service)