Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Metallurgical Engineering)

Metals are widely used in engineering applications because they exhibit a combination of mechanical properties (strength, ductility and flexibility) with unique physical, electrical and thermal conductivity properties, a set of properties not associated with other material groups. This programme is designed to supply skilled workforce to meet the demands for metallurgical engineers in the industrial sector. This is also supported by the rapid growth in the iron and steel industries themselves to cater for the growth in nation’s development as felt by the Malaysian Iron Steel Industries Federation (MSIF).

Apart of these, the development in non-destructive testing engineering also demands highly competent and skillful metallurgical engineers in their effort in producing high quality products with optimum cost. This programme focuses on the research in steels, metals and its alloys, composite alloys, advanced metals, intelligent alloys, extraction and metal processing (rolling, extrusion and pouring). It provides the necessary understanding regarding the manufacturing process methods and metal characteristics.

The courses offered by this programme are alloy engineering, physical metallurgy, mechanical metallurgy, extraction metallurgy, welding metallurgy, powder metallurgy, foundry, corrosion engineering, metal characterization, metal testing and non-destructive testing.