Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Polymer Engineering)

The polymer engineering field concerns the structure and characteristics of polymer materials which have engineering applications. The polymer engineering curriculum emphasises on the student understanding in the basic knowledge of polymer characteristics such as thermoplastics, elastomers and thermosets, as well as their processing methods. Polymer characteristics include related aspects covering structures, rheology, testing and characterisation. The polymer processing meanwhile covers basic knowledge and techniques in thermoplastic processing, thermoset and rubber, operation methods, manufacturing processes, as well as the relationship between processing parameters and product quality.

Apart from the core courses, students are also equipped with other polymer engineering courses such as composite polymers, adhesives, and polymer applications, engineers in society and mould and die design. Elective courses are also offered in the final year of study, including polymer engineering products and environmental-friendly plastics. At the end of their study, graduates from this programme are able to design polymer-based products as well as applying their knowledge and resources, and contribute to the development of polymer engineering.